Cataplana Shop - the original portuguese copper cataplana

Tradition, unmistakable taste, unusual shape - three terms that characterize this wonderful device, the Cataplana.

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Cataplana cork mat, oval
11,99 EUR
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Every recipe Cataplana cooks in is a great experience that takes us to the top of a truly unique taste experience. Its harmonious shape combined with versatility make the Cataplana a very special cooking device compared to all other pans. Here is an example of a Cataplana recipe: Cataplana with pork and clams. The ability to split a cataplana and cook in both halves, then serve only in the lower half, make the Cataplana a very practical kitchen appliance, which is also easy to use and maintain.

Of Portuguese origin and as a forerunner of the modern pressure cooker, the Cataplana allows the cooking of many types of food. The Cataplana gives hermetic steaming a unique and distinctive flavor to selected foods.

Traditionally made in copper, the Cataplana allows all the benefits of using the precious metal copper, whose origins go back thousands of years in history and even today, copperware is the undisputed choice of the best chefs from around the world.

Another added value of Cataplana is to enable healthier food preparation as it reduces calories and fat in the ingredients of their cooked recipes and also avoids the loss of food flavors. So a complete and excellent taste is guaranteed.