About the care of a Cataplana

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How to maintain your Cataplana properly

Polished copper pots
Polished copper pots

There are manufacturers who sell decorative Cataplanas that are thinly painted on the outside for a shinier look. We strongly recommend that you remove this varnish if you want to expose the Cataplana to a source of heat or boil in it.

To do this, immerse the Cataplana in boiling water by first dissolving a spoonful of sodium hydrogen carbonate (per litre of water) and completely immersing the Cataplana in the water. The paint dissolves completely.

Attention, please:

The copper shines even without varnish. Never use scratching utensils for polishing, cleaning and cleaning. When cooking, do not use metal objects (spoons, forks, etc.). Do not put a copper or aluminium Cataplana in a dishwasher, do not use scouring wool or steel wool and always dry off well, as water also leaves stains.

Please do not place the Cataplana on the stove without contents.

Copper is the best heat conductor. Its ability to conduct, distribute and hold heat makes it stand out. With this function the Cataplana fulfils all wishes to prepare food gently. Because of its tinned interior, the Cataplana is not only non-stick and hygienic, but also saves up to 40% energy compared to conventional pots and pans.

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