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The original Cataplana is a Portuguese copper or aluminum pot with a fairly tight-fitting lids and two handles. Especially on the Portuguese coast the original Cataplana a long time used to be the long time the main cookware, and is still used a lot today.

In particular, for gentle cooking / steaming of fish and shellfish dishes. The word Cataplana sometimes is also used for a typical stew of clams and pork, which was prepared in such a pot. Today, original portuguese cataplanas are also popular as a typical souvenir for Portugal - tourists.

Please visit our Cataplana Recipe page with some suggestions for preparing food in a Cataplana. We would be happy if you send us your experiences and your own recipes, so that all friends of cataplanas are able to enjoy it as well. If you have questions regarding the care or application of a Cataplana, they find most answers to our page for Cataplana topics, which answers most of the frequently ask questions.

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Small copper cataplana 24 cm

Small copper cataplana 24 cm

57,50 EUR
Cork mat

Cork mat, oval

11,99 EUR
Cataplana Teflon

Aluminium cataplana, 30 cm, Teflon

56,90 EUR
Copper Cataplana

Large copper cataplana 31 cm

104,90 EUR
Middle copper cataplana 27 cm with cork mat

Middle copper cataplana 27 cm with...

77,50 EUR